Mindset Case Study

Building mental resilience with Samantha Coates

How we helped Samantha

The brief

Sam had completely lost her way… but it didn’t make any sense why.

She was an accomplished marketer, tonnes of experience under her belt – from large educational bodies to family-run businesses – and a true high-performer with a top work ethic.

But she was struggling to get excited about her work any more.

She suffered with self-doubt, imposter syndrome and was fast approaching full burnout.

She thought she’d find support in doing classic marketing qualifications – but none of them really seemed to help.

They’d cover the tactics and the activity, but she knew all that stuff – that’s not where her issues were.

She wanted clarity and direction in her career so she could deliver results for the businesses she worked with.

She wanted to hit that next level of progression that a two-day course can’t give, so she could gain a real strategic understanding of business development as a whole.

She was brilliant at the “what” of marketing – what tactics to use, what activity would drive a result and how to execute it.

But she was missing mentorship and coaching on how to move from a doer to a strategist.

That’s where we started, creating a set of key performance areas from both a metric perspective, and a personal growth angle.

The Craft approach

Sam’s development over the following 6 months was incredible.

After several coaching sessions focused around mindset, confidence and tackling the real root of her imposter syndrome, she was able to re-discover her creativity when it came to marketing.

She was also able to learn how the skills she’d gained in her earlier years working for small businesses meant she was far more resourceful than many of her peers working in larger agency settings, and a real asset to smaller teams where budgets are tighter.

She left the role she was in where her progression was stagnant and restricted, and took an exciting role with BRC Learning where she’d be able to have much more room to grow both personally and professionally.

She was also able to set her ambitions for the future with far more certainty about how she wanted to build her career, with the ultimate goal of working as a consultant for small businesses wanting to achieve big things.

Sam has continued with her coaching and mentoring with Caroline, even working alongside her with sales coaching and more strategic growth pieces for the wider BRC Learning team.

How they found the experience

“I had considered giving up on marketing entirely thinking that it wasn’t the right career path for me. Caroline taught me to look at it differently and I am so grateful to her. Throughout some extremely difficult times, Caroline supported and guided me. I can’t thank her enough! It feels like I’ve created a lifelong working relationship.”

Samantha Coates, Digital Marketing Specialist

“If you are trying to grow your direct to consumer business or in fact developing yourself and your team to generate leads more effectively through LinkedIn then I would highly recommend Caroline. We learned so much in the short time we have worked together and what I really appreciated was it’s all actionable immediately, so you start to see return on your investment there and then!”

Lucy Crowther, Director with BRC Learning

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