Leadership Case Study

Building a marketing team from scratch with 6B

How we helped 6B

The brief

6B wanted a shift. They’d had great success in their field so far, but they wanted to find the real story behind who they are and what value they add to the market. They needed help findings their voice and going to market with it effectively.

They also had ambitious targets:

  • Build a new brand story and vision
  • Define an effective outbound and inbound sales and marketing strategy
  • Create a suite of sales collateral to support the sales funnel
  • Update the website to reflect the exciting case studies they had to share
  • Up-level the internal leadership
  • Determine the right marketing department structure to ensure growth
  • Build a high-performing front-office team, with the right people in the right seats

The Craft approach

Over the course of 12 months, each one of these key deliverables was addressed.

First, Caroline integrated into the wider 6B team as a non-exec director, supporting the Commercial Director with strategic growth plan input, and a set of workshops aimed at identifying the past, present and future of 6B.

After that, the focus had to be the team – the kind of skills that would get them where they needed to be, and the ideal candidates that would fit into the 6B dynamic.

The core focus of the next few months was on:

  • Stepping into the department head role to coach and mentor existing team members and get the right department processes in place
  • Working with multiple stakeholders to create a brand refresh – from a new bank of sales collateral to case study redesigns, pitch decks and website improvements
  • Holding leadership workshops and coaching sessions so the wider team could up-level their own personal branding and performance

A huge piece to this puzzle was also on buyer personas for a difficult market – Healthcare and HealthTech. Together we identified the right buyers, the right tactics to get in front of them and the right material to engage and inspire them into action.

Then all we needed was a set of key strategic hires, and a core sales and marketing plan that would help them get to where they needed to be – which we delivered in the final couple of months.

Implementing Leading Energy Profile

A critical part of leadership development is learning how to adapt your approach to whatever personality, situation or challenge is in front of you, which is why LEP is incorporated in the Signature Craft Programme.

For Rebecca, her workshops were tailored towards collaboration:

  • how she could ensure the best outcome from every team interaction and meeting
  • how she could understand different team personalities so they could collaborate better
  • how she could support other directors with their own issues
  • how she could overcome difficult conversations whenever clashes happened

Take a look at her take on using LEP…

How 6B found the experience

“Caroline was very aware of what our targets and goals were for the year; I think a lot of people in-house would have maybe thought they were over ambitious. But she was absolutely there to support that vision, every step of the way. It’s something that I couldn’t recommend enough. You have to invest in these things up front – I just can’t see any other way we would have made the progress that we did in the timeframes that we did.”

Rebecca Willis, Commercial Director

“Working across most of our marketing output including case study creation, email marketing, sales collateral creation, social media, award entries, PR, content strategy and creation, website content and personal branding – it’s fair to say Caroline had a LOT of impact and transformed our marketing efforts at 6B. Caroline had a great approach; she got to know our business inside and out and really helped to shape and define the ‘secret sauce’ that makes 6B unique for our team and our customers. Caroline’s work ethic, enthusiasm and passion for her job (and 6B), and her strategic input and professionalism was all very impressive.”

Paul Brown, CEO

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