Sales & Marketing Case Study

Launching a B2B app with MyBuzz Technologies

How we helped MyBuzz Technologies

The brief

Chris and Matt had experienced incredible success with their first app, MyShiftPlanner – but the next phase of their product development in 2023 was unchartered territory.

Namely, B2B.

They had big ambitions for how their new app, MyShiftManager, would transform the lives of managers working in the shift working sector – but they needed help to get there.

After an initial meeting in late 2022, the brief was clear:

  • A Discovery package, so they could get clarity on the types of buyers they were going after, the kind of sales and marketing tactics that would prove the most effective, and the kind of roles and skill sets they’d need to deliver on them
  • A product launch package, fleshing out the brand mission and vision, as well as the unique value proposition this app brought to the market
  • Recommendations, templates and design briefs regarding their sales and marketing collateral, including website copy, email campaign sequences and a long-term plan for how that messaging and nurturing of users would evolve

The aim behind all this was to give MyBuzz everything they needed to successfully and smoothly onboard new customers to the first iteration of the MyShiftManager app, and get a number of businesses signed up to their trial offer.

The Craft approach

A big key to success here was not just about the above deliverables – it was about unlocking a different approach and mindset altogether.

B2B is a completely different kettle of fish to B2C – but we actually had to leverage both audiences if this was going to be a success.

We started with fleshing out the brand messaging and tone of voice, uncovering:

  • Who our buyers were for the new app – how did they think, feel and suffer in their day job
  • How we could use the existing users of MyShiftPlanner to support the product launch
  • What changes needed to happen to the app store and wider content to promote it – in a way that Apple and Android allow!
  • What the onboarding process should look like from a content perspective to ensure the best experience possible
  • How the roadmap of features and functionality could be rolled out to users on a timeline, and what collateral would best engage new and existing users in these features
  • How to entice free users onto a paid plan, without being too pushy

By the end of the engagement, not only was there a clear vision for where MyBuzz Technologies were headed and what they wanted to achieve for the shift worker community, but the details were clear on how this could be back-engineered – so the next steps they took with the initial launch would be the right ones.

With the product launched in May 2023 and 9 companies already signed up to a trial (at time of writing), they’re well on their way to achieving that vision, and have continued to work with Craft to progress towards it.

How MyBuzz found the experience

“What stuck me from the first time we met Caroline was how different her approach was all the way from first meeting to the most recent delivery. We’ve worked with several coaches and marketing agencies in the past, but never really been impressed with the outcome or the way they’ve conducted themselves.

“Working with Caroline was like a breath of fresh air and she’s made a tangible difference to our business and our approach to our marketing. It’s been a pleasure to work with her and will be continuing to do so.”

Chris Pimlott, Managing Director & Founder

“It’s very easy as a director to think “I know exactly what I’m doing. I’m doing it every day. No one can tell me anything different” – but stepping back, having some other eyes on it, is always incredibly valuable.

“Caroline allowed us to take a really good step back and to view the entire business and our strategy for growth. Caroline allowed us then to see things from a different perspective and change our mentality, which was very refreshing. She was able to do that, because she understands our background, she knows the app industry – she knows where we’re coming from and what we’re trying to grow towards.”

Matt Jones, Commercial Director
MyBuzz Technologies

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