Sustainable tech sector growth

De-bugging sales and marketing performance for frustrated digital leaders, so they can build a high-performing team that maximises resource and wins new clients

Feeling held back with lead generation?

There’s something bugging you in the back of your mind – you “get” marketing, but nothing seems to be working.

You’ve hired consultants, tried some webinars and dabbled with paid ads, but they’ve only delivered mediocre results and left you feeling disappointed and lacking direction.

You know your service inside and out, but you struggle to explain and translate that into a compelling and scalable offer that you can repeatedly sell.

You can’t rely on referrals for the kind of growth you want, but you’re unsure of the right tactics to get you there.

I get it – it’s why I created my Signature Craft Programme. I’ll help you achieve sustainable growth in the turbulent digital sector, through three core principles…

B2B sales and marketing success

So you can achieve the ambitious growth targets you have for your company

Exceptional people management

So you attract and retain a talented team who choose to stay and develop with you

High-performance mindsets

So you build a coaching culture that supports and sustains that team long-term

My unique programme is tailored to your market position, so that you can...

Discover your true USP in a competitive marketplace, and create a sales and marketing strategy with tactics and campaigns that drive quality results

Market and sell more effectively, with refined buyer personas, messaging that hits the mark and a clear proposition that clients understand from the get-go

Scale your business with the right skill sets and processes in place, developing your leadership and management team while maximising on resources

A coaching approach to business growth

Craft Coaching was created in 2020 by business and leadership coach Caroline Canty. It’s dedicated to supporting high-performing digital leaders and their teams, so they can advance their sector, grow a passionate, engaged workforce and deliver exceptional business results.

Through a unique, creative coaching programme that incorporates team training and development, you’ll define what success looks like as well as the steps you need to take to achieve it.

Don't take my word for it – I've supported plenty of business owners and their teams so far...

Boost sales and marketing performance before your next board meeting!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could start to see those department figures go up consistently? My free 30-min training aims to give your front-office team a jump-start when you’re on a tight deadline – so you can stop wasting time on performance plans that don’t work.

Understand the three key performance archetypes that exist on your team, where they’re most likely to struggle, and discover the real key to unlocking long-term change.

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