Coaching individuals on how to boost their
performance and up their career game

Whether you’re a senior manager who wants to get the best out of their team, a junior executive looking to improve their communication and personal brand, or after a few years in the job, you’ve lost sight of what you’re aiming for, I’m here to help you.

I’ve created a set of services designed to target these core areas and help you leap-frog the mistakes.

Why invest in yourself?

Because if you don't,
who will?

Many professionals end up feeling lost on their way up the career ladder, often overwhelmed by decision fatigue and lack of clarity. That’s where I come in, helping you to regain your focus, rediscover your passion, and realise your true skill value.


Maybe you’re lacking guidance and direction for your career right now. Or feeling undervalued and under-appreciated at work, yet unsure of how to change your situation. Whatever the reason you’re on this page, I’m glad you are – because you’re not alone, and together we can get you back on track.


Every coaching programme is completely unique.

Below is a quick summary of the areas we can focus on; whether one or all of these apply to you, we’ll work together to determine the best roadmap for your dream career.



What do you really want for yourself?

Whether it’s more money, progression or defining “what’s next”, I’ll help you set strategic goals for career success.



Are you getting paid fairly for your skillset?

Identify how much your skills are worth in the wider market, and learn how to pitch for more money – or, achieve it elsewhere.


Personal Brand

Are you happy with how you're perceived?

Define and develop the core personality traits that will generate a positive, impactful and successful personal brand.



Do you want better workplace relationships?

Turn difficult colleagues into useful allies, learning how to adapt to a diverse range of personality types and situations.



Do you know how to hire a team?

From initial business case to final interviews, learn how to recruit the right candidates and build a team dynamic that works.



Do you know how to motivate people?

Craft an effective management style that gets the best out of your team and earns their respect.



Do you want to deliver better results?

Better time management, marketing mentoring, a digital tool kit – however you need support, we’ll craft a roadmap that’s unique to your personal growth goals.


Career Transition

Is it time for a complete role change?

Whether you want to move on, move up or side-step into a new sector, we’ll turn job-hunting on its head and teach you how to sell your skill set to your dream company.

Or is it time for a total re-think?

Have you considered life as a freelancer?

Have you felt recently like the rat race of agency life, or the politics of the corporate ladder, just isn’t for you? There is another way. If you’ve found yourself sat dreaming of setting up your own “lifestyle business” – no employees, no boss, just freedom to create – take a look at my freelancer offering and discover how I can help you build it…


My four-stage process

STAGE ONE: Your free consultation

What’s making you consider coaching and mentoring? In this initial chat, I'll listen to your concerns, offering advice on how coaching could help and answering any initial questions about the process. I'll be honest about whether I think I can help, but rapport is important too – we'll get a good idea of whether we'd be a strong working match. This stage is completely free of charge, and there's no obligation to continue past this point.

STAGE TWO: The Audit

Together, we'll start right from the beginning. How you came to work in the sector, your passion, skills and background, your strengths and weaknesses – all the way through to your current career challenges and what motivates you. Ultimately, what do you want?

STAGE THREE: Bespoke planning

Using all that key audit info, we'll craft a plan of action that's completely tailored to your personal development. Whether it's salary, sector or a career transition you're considering, we'll map out the short and long term goals that will ensure your career growth.

STAGE FOUR: Crafted coaching

Now the fun (and real "work") begins. With regular 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring sessions, we'll build on your skills month-on-month, ensuring that everything laid out in your bespoke plan is actioned. These aren't fluffy, theoretical lectures – they’re workshops designed to help you achieve your ideal working life. We'll always keep one eye on your long-term goals too, so you never lose sight of your motivation.

More questions about how coaching works?
Ramsey Marwan Marketing Manager
Thorunn Devoy Alliances & Partnerships Lead
Luke Hall Founder of Voyage Branding
Vivien Lakatos Market Analyst
Chelsea Grimshaw Content Creative

Caroline has been an incredible mentor and has provided me with invaluable support when growing my confidence, knowledge and skill set as a marketing professional. Her dedication to coaching me and setting tangible, actionable goals and activities ensured that her mentorship left me with new and effective tools to enhance my career.

Caroline was able to offer impartial and honest feedback to highlight key areas for improvement and help me take my expertise to a new level. Her positive attitude and genuine investment in my success made a daunting experience feel natural and organic. I highly recommend Caroline as a mentor for any marketing professional looking to improve and progress.

I've worked closely with Caroline to improve my leadership skills and she has supported me with my transition into a people management role. After our first meeting, we identified core areas of development and worked together on a tailored plan that would actually help me achieve my goals. Caroline's approach combines different models and draws on her past experience in different industries. This approach has been a game-changer for me. I've done workshops and courses in the past which provided the knowledge but not necessarily the tools to put that knowledge into practice in a business environment.

During our sessions, we identified real-life situations and different management frameworks that could be used to achieve the desired outcome. After every session, I'd have clear action items and put what we discussed into practice. These frameworks have now become part of my repertoire as a manager. I've noticed an improvement in my skills, my relationships with colleagues, and my effectiveness at work. I highly recommend Caroline as a coach to anyone looking to improve their leadership skills or make a transition to the next step in their career.

Caroline's advice has been incredibly valuable in marketing my business. I decided to work with her after I had been struggling to get clients and needed a strategy to work at. Working with Caroline has empowered me to push my business out there with confidence, as I now have a proven plan to work at.

Caroline's marketing talents and experience shines through in her mentoring. Her ideas have given me actions to take that have worked incredibly well and have grown my business exponentially. She has put me on the right path again and I am incredibly grateful for her mentoring. I couldn't recommend Caroline enough. Her mentoring is truly game-changing.

As a postgraduate student, I was struggling to find a job in my field. Then I met Caroline, and her mentoring program was a game-changer. Caroline really wanted to understand my career goals, and helped me to get a better understanding of how the industry really works and possible fields that I would enjoy working in. Caroline presented a lot of tolerance, flexibility with time (as I was studying), understanding and professionalism. She showed that she genuinely cared about me and wanted me to walk away from the mentoring program with more knowledge and success.

During my university studies, I'd been advised on the appropriate structure of CV and covering letter by lecturers, however I didn’t have a lot of success with them. Once I improved them with Caroline, employers started to get back to me instantly. It worked! I got through a 4-stage long interview process, which was unbelievable, as I would’ve never got through with my old preparation process. Concluding my experience of working with Caroline, I'm very happy and satisfied with the results. I had a great experience and I genuinely feel lucky to work with her. For anyone who's struggling with their skills, get in touch with Caroline and invest into your future.

Caroline is a talented coach and mentor who helped me turn the knowledge and skills I had gained from University, into professional assets that stand out in the industry.

Every session with Caroline was both genuine and insightful. From her crafted workshops and activities to her honest feedback, support, and guidance, Caroline went above and beyond to help me tackle imposter syndrome, improve my career prospects, and gain industry knowledge.

She was also dedicated to ensuring that after our sessions had finished, I was left with effective tools and actionable goals to enhance my professional development and help grow my personal brand and confidence. I would highly recommend Caroline as a coach or mentor to anyone in the marketing/advertising industry looking to improve their confidence or progress their career.

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